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10 Items with Ludicrous Markups

Here's an article I happened to stumble on that gives you an idea of actual costs for certain everyday purchases you might make. I already had an idea of some of the costs, for example, coffee bought at Starbucks and so on, basically because I know how much a pound of coffee actually costs from the store. But I had no idea that bottled water was so high. It's estimated to be a 4,000% markup, which makes sense if you think about what you pay for tap water. And it turns out that 40% of the bottled water you buy comes from municipal taps. So, if you've been buying bottled water, you might want to do a taste test to see if it's worth the money you're spending.

I do understand how companies need to make a profit, and certainly don't begrudge them, but if there's a way to save money I'm all for that as well.

As you read through the items, you'll also see links to other articles, such as ten generic items you should avoid, and the worst drugstore deals. My favorite link was at the very bottom which talks about five things that some restaurants do, such as offering a "featured" dish. According to the writer, who used to work at a restaurant, frequently the featured item is about to go out of date, and they want to get rid of it before having to throw it away. And I also learned that at some restaurants, asking for "special" treatment of your order might not be such a good idea if there's too much specialization requested.

Makes you really think! However....still just can't resist the popcorn!
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