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10 Tips to Develop Language in Babies

To ensure that your child  is growing his language development skills as much as possible, parents and caregivers must incorporate speaking directly to their children as part of their daily activities. Check out our 10 tips for aiding the development of language in tots. Encourgaing language development   

Singing Nursey rhymes or those silly baby songs

Singing those catchy tunes as Old McDonald had a farm or the wheels on the bus . Leave out the words and have the child chose the animal.

 Use Real Words

Talk in real words as you are pointing to body parts etc


Reading to a baby from birth has been shown to aid in a love of books and help with language development. When reading to a baby, point out items on the page such as different colors! It helps them learn.

Make Eye Contact

Looking your baby in the eye when speaking to her will help her better concentrate on what you are saying.   

Use Every Locale as a Learning Experience

When heading out on the town. Count the number of potatoes you place in the cart, discuss the color of the apples and tell your child the name of everything he points to during the trip. The variety of colors and objects will keep his attention throughout the trip.  

Keep Background Noise to a Minimum

Though music is beneficial to children, turn off the radio, television when engaging in active play with your baby or toddler . Doing so will help her better concentrate on what you are saying and allow her to hear the correct pronunciation of words.

Kiddie Tunes

Yes play all of those funny toddler  songs and sing along with them-the kids will love it and it will help with language development.  I remember with my first one after picking him up after daycare we would listen to  an Elmo sings silly songs.  

Visit Storytimes

Utilizae your local library for this! We went every week and it was great for them socially (as well as mom)  

Go on an Adventure Walk

Taking a hike around your neighborhood or the local park can be more than just fresh air for baby and some exercise for mama. Use the time to describe what you see, the colors, what your plan is for the day, etc. The active – though one-sided – conversation is great for language development and it also good exercise for Mom.  

Make Them Say It

This plays into the constant one sided conversation that you have with babies but once they can start to talk have them start saying it.  If they want milk, have them say milk.   

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