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13 Great Kids Movies - Classics & Off the Beaten...

Here's a short list of some of our favorite "off the beaten path" movies (be it that they are older, or just not heavily marketed).  A lot of these movies are timeless classics that my family has been enjoying over and over.  

Charlotte's Web - Sweetest little movie.  Old fashioned animation that deals with the topic of loss in the loveliest of ways. 

The Iron Giant - Great animated film by Brad Bird (The Incredibles and Ratatouille).  Wonderful message of trust, friendship & sacrifice.  Voices of Harry Connick & Jennifer Aniston.  Great film.

Robin Hood - Good old fashioned animation from Disney.  My kids watch this over and over and they laugh out loud.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - This is a live action film starring Dick Van Dyke and it is long enough to have an intermission.  My kids love it though.

Mary Poppins - Need I say more?  I watched this over and over as a kid and loved playing the soundtrack on my record player. 

Tarzan - This one sat on the shelf for years and I finally pulled it off and we all really loved it. 

The Sound of Music - Another classic that you can watch over and over and just love it all the more.  Great music and a wonderful story.

My Neighbor Totoro - Anime film by Hayo Miyazaki.  Follow the adventures of Satsuki and her four-year-old sister Mei when they move into a new home in the countryside. To their delight, they discover that their new neighbor is a mysterious forest spirit called Totoro, who can be seen only through the eyes of a child.

Pippi Longstocking - Pippi lives in a small Swedish village, sharing the house she styles "Villa Villekulla" with her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse ("Lilla gubben", "little buddy") but no adults or relatives. She befriends the two children living next door: Tommy and Annika Settergren. The three have many adventures. Even though this is dubbed in English, both of kids love this movie. 

Nausicaa:  Valley of the Wind - This is another by Hayo Miyazaki.  Deals with more mature issues and the importance of taking care of the earth.  It has a heavy ecological message and the story is deep, rich, emotional, and satisfying.  My 6 year old daughter really enjoyed this one, but it is probably better suited for a little bit older audience.

Mulan - Not your average princess movie.  Engaging storyline and good music. 

Peter Pan - Pure old fashioned fun & fantasy and one of my favorites from Disney. 

Pinnochio - This classic is about the magical power of believing in your dreams and also will teach children to be moral and choose the good in life. Terrific message and a true masterpiece of animation.  Lots of subtle and intelligent humor as well.

My 3 year-old son's favorite movie is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Making it my favorite too if it can keep him happy for 2 1/2 hours!
Chantilly B.
I think Mary Poppins should be added to this amazing list of Great Kids Movies, and Sound of Music is another one. As a kid and as an adult I still love Julie Andrews.
Oh, I LOVE Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! I remember seeing it in the movies as a little girl!
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