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18 Alternative Uses for Hair Conditioner

Recently I read where over time we waste a tremendous amount with leftovers in bottles. Especially with those liquids that are thick, like shampoo and hair conditioner. So, rather than throwing away unempty bottles, turn them upside down and use the small remains for other various purposes around the house. I found a number of alternative uses on various sites that call for small amounts. I've cut and pasted them here for you.

  • Place some on a cotton ball to remove your make up. It will make your skin soft too.
  • The last few drops of your conditioner will work fine to wash your panty hose or fine washables.
  • Rub on the shower rod so that your curtain will slide easier.
  • Rub on your leather boots or shoes to protect from salt and chemicals during the winter time
  • Take a short cut, when in a hurry and “wash” your hair with conditioner alone. It will leave it soft and clean.
  • Rub on hinges to stop squeaking.
  • If you have a ring that is difficult to remove, dampen your finger, put a few drops of conditioner around the ring and it will slide right off.
  • Lubricate your zipper to keep it from sticking.
  • Use as a lubricant when shaving legs. Rub some on after too to soften and condition skin.
  • Rub some on your tools to help prevent rust.
  • Rub some on the wheels of skates and skate boards to keep from squeaking.
  • A small amount of hair conditioner on a damp rag will make your houseplants shine.
  • Rub on the window glide to help with a sticking window.
  • To soften dry cuticles, rub a little conditioner on them.
  • Remove fake tattoos from your kids - Does your child have a "tattoo" on them that no longer looks good? Rub conditioner on it really well, rinse and it will go away.
  • If your feet are hard and rough, conditioner has the ability to soften them. Coat your feet with hair conditioner right before go to bed. Next, put on some cotton socks and wear them to sleep. By the morning your feet should be extremely soft and moisturized.
  • If you have a super sticky band-aid that just doesn't want to budge without taking some of your skin with it, just rub a little hair conditioner onto the spot where the band-aid and the skin meet. Wait a few minutes and the band-aid should come off easily.
Tunde B.
Great tips ,thanks
Ghyz Z.
Super ! tkx
Stacia C.
Super Tips!
Selena C.
Thanks, great tips. I never thought to put conditioner on my boots to help against salts and chemicals. :)
Pam D.
I often have leftover conditioner after the shampoo is gone. These are great ideas! Thx
Beatrice E.
Exceptional. Thank you.
These are awsome tips! Thank you for sharing.
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