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31 Uses for Petroleum Jelly

I'd been trying to figure out how to keep the squirrels from eating all the food in our bird feeder and I came across this tip that suggested rubbing petroleum jelly on the pole which causes the squirrels to slide right off. You do have to use a liberal amount, but it actually worked. So I figured there has to be a number of other uses that I never thought about and with a little googling around here they are. One I plan to use in the near future is when we repaint the sitting room, I'm going to put a thin coat of petroleum jelly on all the metal hardware (we have iron heating grates), including the doorkob, doorjambs, etc., because if you get paint on them, it won't dry, and all you have to do is wipe the metal off when you're finished. I found the third page of suggestions to be the most helpful, for example, rubbing some pj on the chrome of the bicycles before storing them for the winter. They emerge in the spring rust free. The tip I really liked was the one that says if you have a sticky jar lid, the next time before you reseal it, rub some pj around the rim of the bottle and the lid no longer sticks. One of the tips says that if you have a watermark on wood, all you have to do is leave the petroleum jelly on the stain overnight and the next day the stain should disappear when you wipe the jelly away.

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