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3D Paper Snowflakes

A long time ago, I learned how to make 2D paper snowflakes in elementary school art class.  A square sheet of paper was first folded diagonally to form a triangle (a rectangle sheet could be made square by folding a long side against a short side and trimming of the extended flap).  The triangle was then folded in half to form a smaller triangle.  The smaller triangle was then folded into thirds (one flap forward and one flap backward) creating a tall thin triangle with the base corners extended beyond the center of the base.  The two ends were then trimmed to form a triangle with a flat base. 

Various shapes were carefully sniped out along both long edges so as not to destroy the basic triangle.  When unfolded, the end result was a six sided 2D snowflake made out of paper.  For a visual, visit 2D Paper Snowflake.  That was a long time ago.  Truth is I could not remember the entire proper folding sequence; therefore, looked it up on the internet. 

It was during that search that I discovered a site that showed how to create 3D snowflakes.  A 14 step process that I am not going to even try to describe here because visuals are needed.  Instead, I will just point to 3D Paper Snowflake and let them show how it is done.  While snowflakes are generally associated with winter, the paper snowflakes can be crafted year around.

Cool!!! Thanks.
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