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3M Easel Pads: Great For Kids Who Color on Walls...

My daughter used to color on every white surface in our house. She especially loved walls.  No matter what we'd do or what inventive punishment we'd come up with, she kept coloring on the walls.  Pencil, marker, crayon, permanent marker, whatever she could get ahold of - she used to color on walls.

One day I was in a planning meeting at work and we were taking notes on those huge 3M easel pads. As we filled a page, we'd hang it on the wall and move on to another page.  Sometime during the middle of the meeting, I was hit with a genius idea. 

So, I stopped at Office Max and picked up one of those huge 3M easel pads with the sticky stuff on the wall.  When I got home I stuck one of the pages on the wall and told my daughter that she could color on the special wall paper whenever she wanted to. She just had to ask me to get her a piece of paper before she started coloring.  

We only had one more color-on-the-wall incident after I started hanging those things on the wall for her.  I had tried a kids easel, but she didn't have any interest in using that - there was something about walls that she really loved.  

If you've got a wall-colorer in your house, try the big easel pads, they just might work! 

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