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47 Ways To Build Your Child's (And Your) Self...

47 Ways To Build Your Child's (And Your) Self Esteem, is, as the subtitle confirms, a Self-Esteem Pilot Program for Parents and Teachers. While some people may be a little put off by the spiritual aspect of the article, the quotes used are more to support the reasons for each tip than they are a demand that the reader follow certain religious practices. 

The article is not one you read and then toss away. The author suggests printing it out and performing the tasks required in each step. In other words, the article is a " take action" program and not just a read-along article.

If nothing else, the fact that the article takes 47 days to complete each step (with each step of the way spent in complete immersion with your children), means you will be spending quality time with your children every day, and you may possibly learn things about yourself you never thought you would hear.

By the 47th day, you should notice some subtle and some maybe not so subtle changes in your family. You can also repeat the process all over again. The author asks for only ten minutes of your time each day to devote to your children. If you haven't already been spending at least that much time, why not use this article as a catalyst for change in yourself and in your children – unless you are supremely confident, and your children have the self esteem of little gods and goddesses, a little more self esteem might make them feel even better about themselves. 

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