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5 Baby Items I Never (or Rarely) Used

Save your money. I found I didn't need a lot of baby items once our baby actually arrived.  Here are just a few:

Wipes warmer - When it was cold, we just wadded up the wipe in our hand for a few seconds and let it get warm that way.
Any really cute clothing with a lot of buttons - most of the time, we were too exhausted to mess with any fancy shirt with teensy buttons. We did a lot of onesies and snap-up sleepers.
Baby Lotion & Baby Powder - Baby powder can actually be an inhalation hazard for your infant. And we just rarely used the baby lotion for some reason.  It didn't seem necessary.
Diaper pail - I had a Diaper Genie, or a variation of that, and it was great for the first few months. It contained the stench really well.  But after a few months, it just started stinking. No amount of cleaning or scrubbing could get rid of the urine smell, so we pitched it.  For the past year, we've just hung plastic grocery bags on the side of the changing table and we take them out to the trash can daily.
Shoes - Although tiny shoes look cute in the store, they're a pain to get on and your baby shouldn't be in hard-soled shoes anyway until they've mastered walking. Stick with socks (and Robeez or Robeez knockoffs once they get moving on their feet).

Katie L.
I'll add - changing table! With twins and then another baby, I just changed on a pad wherever we were sitting. Didn't love the idea of picking the entire family up to go to whichever room had the table. My Mom couldn't get used to it, but I didn't miss it.
Carmen H.
I agree, same things happened to me with all three of my kids. I also add one item which is the bottle warmer, placing the bottle in warm or hot water takes the same amount of time.
Crystal O.
With four children and countless child care children in my home the past few years, I've definitely paired down what I think is necessary and what is not in my own home. Wipes warmers are a total unnecessary convenience, however my house tends to run very cold in the winter and with the newborn babies, it prevents unnecessary screaming during those many diaper changes. It's really only worth it those first couple months so you can probably do without it. I always hear people talk about Diaper Genies (which I've used but don't like), Diaper Champs (ok, but still smelly) and other brands, but I don't hear too many people mention the Diaper Decor which IMO is the absolute best at containing smells. I've never had to use odor disks, cleaning wipes, etc., and I can tear the bag of smelly diapers out anytime I'd like (kind of like the Genie) to dispose of. (And because my changing table is on the third floor of my house, it's just not convenient enough for me to take the dirty diapers out to the trash can daily.) The best thing is you can always skip buying the replacement bags and simply use a normal trash bag once you're past the diaper stage and use it like a normal wastebasket. It truly is the best one out there! And though I love the look of cute baby shoes on those cute little feet, you're right: they're pretty useless and never stay on.
Clarissa W.
I dont agree about the baby lotion and baby powder. Ever since my baby was born, I gave her massages after baths. And I used lotion to massage her. Massaging her gave me time to relax and bond with her. Also I knew it calmed her. And the lotion helped her dry skin especially during the winter months. While the baby powder helped us a lot during summer time when she sweats a lot. It cooled her off and she felt more comfortable sleeping with some powder on. I agree with the shoes, they all look so cute but once theyre on babies, they dont stay on. But as soon as my baby started walking I found Pedipeds to be really great, they stay on and theyre comfortable. I didnt want to buy lots of shoes to pair up with her clothing so I picked brown to match everything!
I agree that the wipe warmer is a waste of money and not really a necessity. It seems like I am constantly having to wet the sponge at the bottom of the warmer to keep the wipes moist. It is just easier to keep the wipes in the bag or plastic holder that they come in. As for the stench coming from the Genie or Diaper Champ, One Step Ahead makes these small plastic yellow disks to put in the bottom of the pail to kill the odor. They are reasonably priced, about 20 disks for $6.00, and each disk lasts for about 30 days. Just throw the disk in the bottom of the pail at the start of the month and replace it at the end of the month. These disks helped the stench for wafting out of the pail into the nursery.
Tina D.
I agree but need to add an item. The Pack-n-Play. We only used it on road trips (which are rare with an infant). For anything else it was just to much to lug around.
Libby L.
I agree w/ the above - please also ADD: - The Super Duper Sized Strollers that are heavy, inconvenient and not easy to use. It's just $$$$$$ and, of course, everyone wants them. Now, we have this (that we don't use) and a portable stroller which we use all the time. - A Bassinet. Baby outgrew this in a couple of months. - A Diaper Holder. HUH - WHY???... it now holds my child's noisy guitar.
Michele B.
Wipes warmer did nothing for me except ruin the wood finish on my changing table (condensation runs down the inside of the lid every time it is opened). Warm water and wash cloths worked best for me at home. Diaper Genie is the BEST - wipe inside with Clorox wipe every time it's emptied. Shoes: constantly loosing one!
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