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5 Best Math Apps for the Iphone

My son who is the non reader is also not the best math whiz either.  How do I get him to know the basic math facts.  In the olden days we would write out the math facts one by one now technology is at our fingertips.  There are  Math apps for iphones (and itouch) as well android phones. Here are  the best 5 math  apps for iphones   according to Geek Dad

Cute Math

With no difficulty settings and very easy problems, this game is the most basic of the bunch. Under the Cute Math umbrella are six mini-games. The first two were basic counting exercises with cutesy sound effects. There are also simple addition and subtraction games. $1.99 at itunes.  

Math Magic

Math Magic provides another good looking interface – a simple background is the setting for a straightforward quiz of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.  It is $1.99 at itunes.

Number Rumble

The app is from Leapfrog and if you are like us you have had a lot of their learning toys in your house.    The visuals and sound were great. The game resembled a slot machine – after selecting the operator (+, -, / or *), the user gives the phone a shake and the numbers spin before settling on an equation. The user then turns a third wheel to identify the correct answer.  $2.99 at itunes.

Pop Math Lite

The game features floating bubbles with a mixture of equations and answers written on them. Simply touch an equation & match it with its answer and the bubbles pop. Pop enough bubbles and the screen clears and you level up. The game allows you to select the operator or a mixture of all four basic math functions.   Free app at itunes!

Math Drills Lite

Math Drills Lite has both review and practice modes, with the bulk of the teaching coming in review mode. Between the equation and the input, there are a selectable variety of help assistance that help kids comprehend what the equation is asking. From number lines to blocks and facts, there are plenty of ways to visually learn how to solve the math problems … or you can turn them off . And the questions that are missed are brought back up, so kids have the chance to understand what they got wrong and get another shot at understanding. Free app at itunes

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