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5 Second Rule

Does watching your child eat food off the ground make you cringe?  Well cringe no more!  A friend told me about this research and the premise intrigued me.  These college seniors proved that the 5 second rule could be changed to the 30 second rule and in some cases the 1 plus minute rule.  Though seeing my daughter eat a Goldfish cracker off the pavement will still be unsettling, it will not make me lunge towards her to pry it from her little mouth. :)

Bon W.
I think if you want to build up your child's immunity, it's really not a bad thing to let them eat stuff off the ground (unless the ground is covered with bird poo then don't), because kids need "clean dirt." There's such a rise in allergies, ear infections, etc, because people are using too many chemicals trying to rid themselves of bacteria (i.e. hand sanitizers, anything that is "anti-bacterial" is really bad for us), we're killing off GOOD bacteria which we need!
I just saw that show too...ewww gross! But then my Stepmother ate an ice cream cone that fell on the ground and lived to tell about it....well at least so far. LOL
Lori A.
Actually, that's not completely true. Food Network has a show called Food Detectives where the investigate myths/truths such as the 5 second rule. They showed that an M&M on the ground and the floor of their food lab picked up bacteria after 5 seconds. Other foods that are moist such as french fries and shrimp picked up significantly more. So, we probably should not let our children eat food that has fallen on the ground or floors that you're not sure about.
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