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5 Tips For Surviving Holiday Transportation

Whoever said the holidays are the “happiest time of the year” wasn’t loading up a group of kids to travel cross-country! The following tips are to help you minimize stress and maximize the fun!

Travel on Off-Peak Days

Try to travel a few days before or after peak travel days (generally Fridays thru Mondays). This will usually save money, and also reduce chaos in dealing with traffic and busy airports. It also increases the likelihood that you and your family will arrive at your destination in the shortest amount of time.

Fly Direct

Think getting stuck in an airport for hours is bad? Try adding kids to the mix – it’s a nightmare! Booking non-stop flights for your holiday travel is your best bet to avoiding a meltdown. If that’s not possible, then try to have your connecting flight at an airport that, in the worst case, is within a drivable distance to your destination (less than an 8 hour drive). That way, if you get stuck, you have the option of renting a car and driving there. Also, avoid airports that are well-known for delays, such as the Chicago, Denver, and JFK in New York airports.

Get the First Flight of the Day

It may be hard to wake the kids, but catching the earliest flight is well-worth the hassle. If your flight gets cancelled, there’s more time to get on a new flight, and you’ll have all day to re-plan your itinerary.

Get more tips for surviving holiday transportation.

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