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50 All-Time Favorite Uses for Everyday Things

This website has a great list of suggestions of alternative uses for everyday items. Many of them are very clever and are so simple it's a wonder I never thought of them. For example, most digital cameras don't come with a case. Well, if you need to take it somewhere and want to protect it, just put it in a soap dish. Why didn't I thnk of that? Or, if you're having people over and you want a way for them to be able to identify their glass, provide a collection of small removable window decals that they can affix to their glass. Another good suggestion is if you're painting something, and it's going to take you a day or so, instead of having to clean the brush out everytime, just put it in a plastic bag from the supermarket, seal it tightly with a rubber band, and it will stay moist for a day or two. One of the more clever, colorful suggestions is to use those paint chip strips as place cards for guests. And did you know that a toothbrush is excellent at cleaning away stray threads of silk from fresh ears of corn? I didn't. Or that rubber bands on a chilly or slippery glass will give little fingers a better grip? What a great idea. One of my favorites is instead of using a baggie, take those plastic easter eggs and use them year round for storing a serving of a snack like goldfish crackers or Cheerios.

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