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68 Questions on How to Tell If Your Marriage or...

Does it feel as if you are contributing more to household chores than your spouse or partner? Want to see in black and white who truly contributes the most to the relationship? 

Take this quiz, print it out, and show it to your partner. Have your partner take the quiz as well. And if you have children who complain that you are giving them too much work, give the quiz to your children as well.

Some questions are broken down into components. Laundry, for instance is a many-step process. The person who sorts the laundry may not be the same person as the one who hangs up the clothes. And what about folding the clothes? Or putting them away? 68 questions answered truthfully will put the arguments to rest. And it will open the doorway to communication when you discuss the results.

If you work outside the home and are the only one working inside the home as well, this quiz will give you the impetus to ask for help. Nobody can dispute the facts, and this quiz gives you an opportunity to discuss with your partner equality in the relationship.

So how can you tell if your marriage or relationship is a true partnership? Take the quiz and find out. 

DianeG, please see Carl P.'s comment. He broke down lawn maintenance and made a very valuable point. But also see jesmom's post. Apparently, more men are stepping up to contribute to household chores.
I wonder if this quiz is more one-sided towards tasks women usually do - it seems that a lot of the kid-related tasks are broken out into multiple tasks, where maybe a true evaluation would have combined things. Also, I see that the whole laundry process isn't combined into one task, and rather it's broken out into 3-4 separate steps. I don't think this is a valuable tool to judge how even your responsibilities are. Some things also need to be weighted much heavier than others. I'm with Carl on this one. By the way, I work outside the home full time as does my husband. And we have two kids in elementary school.
Sandy T., perception always plays a role in how people respond to these types of articles. Maybe it comes down to how much time each task takes. At least this article has opened a dialog between partners.
Sandy T.
I agree Carl. My husband said he did the landscaping because he mows the lawn but I said I did because I weed wack, clean up after the dogs, buy the supplies, trim the hedges, rake, plant and keep up with the garden, etc. There definately was a difference of opinion.
Carl P. Good point! For those who handle their own yard work and don't pay others to do it, add those questions to the list.
Carl P.
I love how laundry and cleaning the house is broken up into a hundred steps but landscaping/gardening, lawn care, and cleaning the garage are one step each. Landscaping; Who Plans the garden? Who Buys the supplies? Who Digs through rocks and bad soil? Who Lifts 20-50 pound bags of dirt/fertilizer? Who plants? Who waters/takes care of the plants? Who trims them when required? Mow the Lawn. Who gets gas for the lawn mower? Who maintains the lawn mower? Who bags the clippings and gets rid of them? Who picks up sticks and objects so they don't lose an eye? Who weed wacks? You can really tell that this article was written from a woman's perspective.
Kate S.
This should be a quiz every family takes! It puts everything on the table. I know I will forward it to every family I know! Would love to be a fly on the wall for the get together afterward!!!
Jesmom, that's great! That means the quiz is working!
OMG, I looked at the quiz, and it appears I need to buy my husband a huge gift, if you get my drift!!!
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