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9 Parenting Tips

These 9 parenting tips are ones we have all read before, but it is good for us to re-read them occassionally. The kids benefit when we are conscious of what we are doing.

Christine, I went to the site, and it's fine. Most of the folks who post links here will not be cutting and pasting the info at the site into their post, so you can assume that you will need to click on the link to see the information. If you're concerned about viruses, you might want to get Norton or similar software that will be on the lookout for such things. Go to and click on the "Norton 2008" link. Full disclosure: I am not an employee or shareholder of Symantec, only a very satisfied customer. Anyway, here are the nine tips, and they are dandies. Go to the web site for more details about each one: Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting 1. Nurture your child's self-esteem. 2. Catch your child being good. 3. Set limits and be consistent with your discipline. 4. Make time for your children. 5. Be a good role model. 6. Make communication a priority. 7. Be flexible and willing to adjust your parenting style. 8. Show that your love is unconditional. 9. Be aware of your own needs and limitations as a parent.
Christine G.
Great idea to post parenting tips - however I was expecting them to see them in your post. I was very reluctant to click on the link because I wasn't sure if it would bring me to the parenting tips or some virus site.
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