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A 20 Day Plan to Live Well

Are you ready to live your dream life?  A life of Balance, Purpose and Victory. 

Let's begin your free 20 Day Plan to Live Well eCourse developed by Renee's Joy Journey.  Each morning just grab your coffee, open up your email and let's chat about one life transforming habit.  Then I'll give you a "Get Moving" list so you can apply what you just learned.  Before you start, you may wish to print off a Star Success Tracking Form.  What will you accomplish during the Live Well eCourse?

3 Phases of the Live Well eCourse

  • Phase 1: Live in Balance.  Learn smart daily and weekly routines that will help to keep your life in balance.  Learn to balance all aspects of life easily including your relationships, your home and your finances.  Receive health tips and words of encouragement from your personal eCoach, Renee.
  • Phase 2: Live on Purpose.  Discover your life Mission.  We'll analyze your dreams, vissions and natural gifts and talents.  From these, we'll create a life Mission Statement.  Next, I'll show you how to develop effective goals that move you toward a life of purpose and destiny.
  • Phase 3: Live with Victory.  After completing the 20 Day Plan to Living Well, you will be ready to move onto mastering all aspects of life and will be invited to take the Total Life Makeover Challenge.

Q. Why did Renee's Joy Journey create the free 'Live Well' eCourse?

A. Because you were meant to live your dream.

Q. How can I live my best life?

A. Balance.  Purpose.  Victory.

Q. What can help me attain a life of victory?

A. The free 'Live Well' eCourseGet Started Today.

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