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A Better Alternative to Any "Baby Yogurt"

Before I was a mother, I found out about yo baby yogurts, and thought, "Oh, that's nice! They have special healthier yogurt for babies!"

Have you examined the nutrition information on the labels, or on those of any other flavored yogurts aimed at kids and babies, including store brands, Trader Joe's, etc.? They are chock full of SUGAR. They are just very small, full-fat versions of any other yogurt out there-and they have twice as much sugar as plain yogurt.

Just don't give your baby sweetened yogurt, and she won't expect it. Both my neighbor and I successfully raised our children on unsweetened yogurt-until we were thwarted by someone else giving them the taste for the sweet stuff.

If you can't resist the temptation to sweeten, just stir in applesauce or thawed frozen fruits/berries (this gives the yogurt the nice pink color, if you have an older child to trick). This is much, much healthier than those commercial "baby" yogurts! No artificial colorings either.

One last thought-you just don't want to pass up the commercially sweetened ones for the convenient containers? Understandable. However, this is easily fixed by saving yogurt cups with lids or baby food jars, and then filling them with plain yogurt with the above mix-ins. Voila! Healthy yogurt for kids on the go!

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