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A Better Class of Cartoons

I loved Saturday Morning cartoons when I grew up.  Granted, these were the days before cable and direct tv, and when videos were a very special treat.  All week, I would look forward to Saturday; I would get the tv guide out to circle which cartoons I was going to watch.  Then, Saturday morning, I would get my bowl of cereal and veg-out until about 11am.  Times have changed, and our cartoons have changed. I believe that they have changed for the better though.

With many children having their own personal dvd's, ipods, and televisions in their rooms, it is important to make sure they are watching things that will benefit them, and consequently, benefiting you in the process.  Don't just assume that since you watched the same cartoon when you were little, it must be okay.  I did this recently with The Gummy Bears.  I loved that show growing up, and I thought my kids would like it too.  Unfortunately, I heard words like "shut-up" and "idiot" throughout the movie.  I never remember hearing that before I became an adult, but as an adult, I see things differently.  I also remember using those words quite frequently as a child, so it probably didn't phase me at that time. Seeing that I prefer that my children aren't running around using that kind of language, I look for books and movies that give messages that I want my children to repeat.  The following are clean movies that I recommend for everyone:

CCC entertainment videos:  (great Catholic videos with important lessons.  Videos include The Day the Sun Danced: The true story of Fatima; Ben-Hur: A Race to Glory; Columbus: Adventures to the Edge of the World; and many more.  You don't have to be Catholic to enjoy these videos, and they create very good role models for your children).

The Leap Frog Learning videos: (Videos that teach phonics, math, and early reading skills).

Little Einstein Videos: (Videos that combine classical music with fun).

Super Why: (A good first and second step to reading).

Richard Scarry's learning videos: (Videos your kids will want you to play over and over).

These videos are just some of the staples that we have in our house as treats.  I like the fact that they are learning.  They like the fact that it is some great entertainment.  It's time to put away those videos that teach your children to be brats, and instead, find them videos that help guide them in the right direction, the direction that people want to know how your kids are so well-behaved and smart! 

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