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A Day at the farm: Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon...

My favorite day each summer. I bring the kids to this farm, for a variety of activities, and end it with a delicious berry smoothie. They have farm animals the kids can pet such as goat, sheep, bunnies, a pony, chickens, etc. They can even feed some of them. My two year old goes straight to the feeding coin machine, and once I get a handful for him, he loves picking up any leftovers around the machine : ) 

This last time, they had baby bunnies. They were adorable!

After seeing the animals, off we go to the giant sand pit, full of kids' sand toys they all share. What a quick way to make new friends. They all love it, and they learn to share the toys quickly. They also have a playground with swings, etc. They have berry picking, and even pumpkin picking in the fall. The host Birthday parties, which I thought was a great idea for future birthdays (mine are too small)

Then when you are more tired than them, and you had enough, what a better way to end the trip than with a yummy fruit smoothie. They have different flavors, all delicious, and nutricious even for little ones. Some have no sugar added. Our personal favorite is the "Baby Blue", made with blueberries, Orange juice, and vanilla frozen yogurt. My babies share one, and I have one of my own... MMmm, what a way to end our field trip. Of course on your way out you can pick up a few delicious fruits or veggies if you need ideas for dinner. : )

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