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A Natural Alternative to Sugar

Agave Nectar is a honey like substance extracted from the fruit itself.  It's low in glycemic index, which is important for people with diabetes (I had gestational diabetes and am now very aware of what raises blood sugar) and can also help with weight control.  It's 25% sweeter than sugar and is already a liquid, so unlike sugar, it does not need to dissolve.  I have found it at both Wild Oats and Whole Foods next to the honey.  Try it!

Suzanne D.
I have to agree with Bon W - I have read that agave is a highly processed and refined sweetener, which makes it not much different than refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup. Google it - other people can explain much better than me. I'm no dietician so I'm not even going to pretend I know what sweetener is best for diabetics. But do your research before deciding what is best for your body!
Kristen H.
Yes, I agree. When I wrote this that information was not available.
Bon W.
Actually, agave nectar is NOT a good alternative to sugar, it is very similar to ordinary high fructose corn syrup. Google "Agave nectar good or bad" and that will give you more information. Good luck!
Jodine F.
Walmart Super Center carries this. It can be found next to the honey and I also found it by the syrups. It runs around the same price as honey. Jodine F.
Nana Papa B.
I found it at Costco in a double bottle pack. Don't remember the price, but it has to be a lot more economical there.
Claudia M.
Some grocery stores carry it as well. If you live in Utah, the Associated stores carry it. It'll be located with or near the Karo syrups. Also, I saw it at Cosco for a really good price last month.
Rachael T.
Agave nectar can also be used in baking! I used it in a cake and it was delicious. I would recommend using slightly less than the amount of sugar called for in a standard recipe. It will make your baked goods more moist than if using sugar. Happy eating!
I love agave! My new favorite organic product is sweetened with agave. It is a drink mix concentrate called Flavrz that you add to water to give it good flavor.
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