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A Story For Mommies to Be

So today is my son's first birthday.  Last year at this time, I was still pregnant with Aidan (he was born at 11:37am and I'll spare you the details of what exactly was going on at this point last year...).  Time and time again, I was told how much a baby would change my tired I'd be, how I wouldn't have time for myself or my husband, how I'd never get my body back, how I wouldn't care how I looked and on and on.  There were a few more positive souls who told me how wonderful things would be and how having a baby would be the best thing I ever did.  But no matter what anyone told me, I still really didn't understand how much my life would I would think of Aidan morning, noon and night, how I wouldn't care if I was cold or hungry as long as I knew he wasn't, how I could have cared less how many times I was up in the middle of the night, or how many times I cleaned up his Cheerios under the high chair.  The love that I have for Aidan, and that you will have for your child is absolutely unexplainable.  And yes, you will get your body back and you will have time for your husband and yourself.  And yes, it is absolutely the best thing that you'll ever do and when you see that little tiny baby you'll know what true happiness is really about.  Enjoy every second of it!  Happy First Birthday Aidan!

Such a nice post! Happy Birthday, Aidan :)
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