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A Sweetener Good For Your Teeth and Your Health...

Xylitol is a diabetic friendly sweetener that looks and tastes much like sugar.  It has less calories than sugar and is absorbed by your body as a sugar alcohol.  There are well documented studies that say it is also good for your teeth as it prevents acid from harming your teeth and causing cavities.  

According to many different articles, it is safe for children and pregnant women.  There is nothing that I have read about it that says otherwise. However, as with anything you're putting into your body, read about it first to see if it's something you may want to try.  If you do decide to give it a try, I buy mine at Whole Foods.  It comes in small packets and large containers.


Kristen H.
I used Xylitol for baking brownies and it did not lose it's sweetness. There are many recipes which call for it if you google xylitol.
Krystle W.
It gave me migraines while I was pregnant. I don't know why though.
Grace W.
What is the difference between Stevia and Xylitol?
Kristen H.
Good to know Nancy! Thank you!
Nancy B.
My family has been using Xylitol for years. We also use Stevia powder as a sweetner. The only caution I would give about Xylitol is not to use it for baking. The sweetness is lost at high temps.
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