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No more dragging out the calculator at the end of the six weeks, deciphering those little numbers, dividing by 23 or any of that. Now there is the teachers friend,! I love this free, web-based grade book for teachers with a lot to do. Once you join Engrade, enter your classes and students, the rest is a piece of cake. There is an attendance area as well as a citizenship which I use to post student accolades, discipline issues and even Spec Ed and ESL modifications. You can download your gradebook weekly if you would like or pass on vital information to principals and counselors. Finally, the best part, engrade automatically assigns your students a identification number which you can provide to their parents so that they can check all progress on-line. This site is too good to stay free for long so teachers out there...sign up now!

Donna L.
Thank you so much for the tip on using Engrade. The entire staff at my school is now using and loving it. The best part about it (other than it is free) is that the students/parents always know their grades. It gives them incentive to try harder, knowing they can log on and check it at anytime or send an e-mail to their teacher. Thank you so much for the great tip.
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