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Add Internet Access points in your home - no geeks...

Our internet connection and wireless router are in an unfortunate location - our basement. So using my laptop in a more desirable location in the house - or outside - is limited. And venturing to the second floor is close to impossible due to the low connection. So, I was pretty much stuck in the basement or in a room nearby.  Until I read Walt Mossberg's article on Powerline Adapters.

Basically, powerline adapters allow you to use your electric lines in your walls to extend your internet access points. Mossberg explains the details much better than I could, so read his article.  A pair of these {I got the Netgear XE103} allowed me to go from one corner in my basement to the other side of the house on the second floor and use my lightning fast internet connection! I'm no longer banished to the basement.  And no geeks needed!!

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