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Address Labels from Colorful Images

I order a lot of our address labels from Colorful Images.  They have all kinds of designs, and fun holiday ones.

Yogesh K.
I get my free address labels from paralyzed veteron of america. I can donate any amount of my choice, the donation is tax free and they send me the address labels free of cost. I feel dual benefit, giving back to society and getting address labels in return...
Colleen L.
Their labels are awesome and I too used to order every season, etc. from them. However it got too expensive so now I make my own for 1/2 the cost. Go to staples and get a big box of labels and use Clip Art from Word to customize them. Otherwise, I run a sheet of plain (no fun graphics) for simply paying bills. Who doesn't need to tighten their belts these days and that's an easy expense to eliminate. Save you $ for the EXPENSIVE school vacation / weekend things you want to do with the kids.
Jatin K.
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