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Adopt Free Virtual Pets Online for Fun & Education...

Virtual pets can be a great way to practice the responsibilities of pet ownership. You can feed, walk and care for your pet online. Plus, they're a lot of fun. Your pet can make friends, have a blog, join groups and more. Great for kids!

There are several websites you can use for free virtual pets. Find several by searching online using search engines provided by web sites such as Google, MSN etc. Do a broad search using words such as "adopt virtual pet", "adopt cyber pets" etc. Narrow your search to a particular type of animal or locate virtual pets that can be used for various functions by using that information while searching. For example, you could look for "virtual cats", "virtual pets for games" or whatever specifics you want to find.

Consider another option for adopting virtual pets, which can be found by purchasing certain toys. For example, there are plush toy animals called Webkinz that come with a secret code. The code can be entered online by the owner to complete the adoption process for their animal, as well as gain access to a virtual world. Several other toys include this type of feature.

Once you have located the program you want to use, follow all of the instructions. You will often need to set up an account by providing information such as a name and password. Other programs may require more personal information. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions provided with the program you choose.

Now you are ready to adopt your virtual pet. Choose the animal type you want. Most programs provide a variety of pets to choose from while others allow you to create your own. Follow the prompts provided which may include choosing your pets age, gender, name and other characteristics.

Once you've completed the adoption process, you're ready to enjoy and care for your new friend. Feeding and caring for the pet daily can be a fun and educational experience!

Here are some popular websites with free virtual pets:

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