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If anyone has ever bought or made cookies and they turn hard or are harder than you want, then put the cookies and a couple slices of bread in a plastic bag, such as a zip lock bag, just so you can seal it. 

By the next day the cookies will be soft and the bread hard.  Repeat if the cookies aren't eaten soon or start to get hard again.  I really don't know how this works, I am sure it has to do with the chemistry of the moisture of the bread verses the hard cookie, but whatever reason, it works.

This is an old tip that I learned from my mom years ago. We have had our share of scoffers, especially when there is bread in the bag of cookes. 

But they are convinced after they try the cookies.  Most people I know, have never heard of this trick and I am toally amazed.  And have had peolpe ask me if they are suppose to eat the bread or say, "hey, what is this hard bread doing in here.  You tell the but they don't believe you because it is so simple.

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