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All Clad CookWare Sets - So Glad I Spent the Money...

When I got married, I didn't get cookware as a wedding gift.  Of course, since I was poor and just starting out, I bought a set at WalMart to save money.  

Finally, after ten years of marriage and about four different sets of cookware, I spent some time researching and then did something I never thought I'd do.  I spent almost $600 on an All-Clad Cookware Set.  

However, after using it for more than a year, I've got to say that I'm so glad that I did it. I'm not a chef by any definition of the word, but even I can tell the difference between the cheap cookware that I used to buy, and the All-Clad set that I finally bought.  My food cooks more evenly and I can even whip up a decent sauce all on my own now.  

Besides, I don't think that I'll have to buy another set for as long as I live - at least not for a very long time. When I add up the four different sets that I bought before purchasing this set, I spent almost the same amount of money and in a few more years, I would have exceeded the total cost of the All Clad set by continuing to buy cheap.  Looking back, I really wish that I had just bit the bullet and bought a good set years ago.  I may have actually enjoyed cooking a lot more! 

My favorite thing about the set that I currently have is that the handles aren't constantly falling off.  When I used to buy cheap cookware, the handles were always coming loose. I'd literally have to keep a screwdriver in the same drawer as my pots and pans so that I could tighen handles before they fell completely off.  

If you are buying a new set of cookware, I'd seriously consider All-Clad. It has a lifetime warranty against defects and while you'll spend a good amount of money up front, you won't have to spend any money on cookware for a very, very long time! 

Kathy D.
I agree, it is better to put out themoney for a good set. My husband bought me a set of Ecko cookware when we had been married about 5 years. He paid about $800! including interest but 20 years or so later I called Ecko and told them thehandles had fallen off a couple ofpans as of recent and they sent me a whole new set of pans! Nice heavy bottoms and not black handles but the metal ones that won't come off! But if they do I will freely call Ecko! And I am devoted, buying all my bakeware from them.
That is one thing I am having a little problem with. My daughter cooked something in one of my little sauce pans and turned the entire upper part of the pan totally black. I need to figure out how to clean that. It still works great, but looks terrible and I want all my pans to look new! :)
Sandy Shepard S.
I totally agree with these comments. I bought All-Clad after several other sets. I love them. I make over 20 batches of jam every year and not once has one burned! Even if you totally blackened the pan while cooking meat or whatever, it cleans right off. Love All-Clad!
Clare G.
I completely agree. I bought my set after many years of marriage, and am glad every day when I use the set. It's worth the investment! clare g
Tina J.
Tina M. My husband and I bought pieces here and there of All-Clad and we love them. I cook enough that I need a decent set and we will probably not have to buy any basic pieces again.
Wow, if you inherited them from your grandmother and are still loving using it, then I'm even more glad I spent the money. i hope I don't have to replace them ever...
Wendy M.
These are great pans. I have one that I inherited from my grandmother and I love it. These pans should last you a long time!
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