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Allowing Kids to Help You Clean: Cleaning Tips...

Little kids love to help clean the house. My problem is that I don't allow them to help very much because I'm afraid they'll only make a bigger mess.  As they get older, they no longer want to help me. 

With my youngest daughter, now 4, I've tried to allow her to help me as much as possible so that she'll (hopefully) grow up thinking that cleaning is an okay thing to do! 

If you have little ones that want to help you clean around the house, here are some cleaning tips that will get them involved without making a bigger mess or sacrificing safety - or your sanity!! 

~ Create a vinegar/water or lemon juice/water mixture. They can spray both on windows, countertops, etc. This will allow them to help clean without exposing them to harsh chemicals. 

~ Give them a small paintbrush and little bit of water and have them paint in the corners of windowsills, cabinets, and any other places that dust collects. My mom taught me to use a paint brush to get dust from hard to reach places and my kids love "painting" the house. I love that they get my crevices clean for me and do't make a bigger mess! 

~ Get your child their own Cleaning Set. My daughter loves to help me sweep the floor. The problem is that she's constantly bashing the broom stick into walls and leaving marks behind.  For less than $20 I got her a little cleaning set of her own. She loves it and I love that my walls aren't constantly getting beat up. 

~ Allow your child to vacuum with a dust buster. My daughter loves to use our dust buster - we let her use it on area rugs, furniture, etc. 

~  Give your child a microfiber cloth and allow them to dust furniture and other wood in your home. No chemicals necessary and they can't harm a thing! 

~ Old toothbrushes are a great cleaning tool for kids. They can use them to clean grout in between tile, and other small crevices. Toothpaste works really well to clean grout. 

~ In the laundry room kids can help move clothes from the washer to the dryer and from the dryer to clothes baskets. My daughter loves to help fold towels and I always save the washcloths for her.  She also likes to start the washer after I have it all ready to go. 

Use these simple cleaning tips for kids and get your kids helping out around the house.  I'm learning that if I make it enjoyable and let them help when they are young, they are more likely to continue to help when they get older. 

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