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As the first break of the school year approaches, many parents may be looking ahead to that really looonnngg break....the one we call Summer Break! I know it may seem like eons away until summer arrives, but many of us may already be thinking about how we want to structure (or not!) our child's summer days. has a fairly useful directory of both local and national/international summer camps for kids of all ages. I think this site is a resource for both parents and camp/group leaders. For instance, there is list of activities/games for group leaders to use with their youth and the activity descriptions both simple and easy to follow (the ones i read about anyway...). So parents and group leaders alike check it out!

Kamilia J.
I think this website allows you to get an idea of what is out there, i like the fact i can search by zip code. however i do believe there to be more camps than what was posted.
I research carefully camps my kids go to. you should also look carefully at or google the camp along with the word 'reviews' to see what other parents thought. This site did not have a place i saw to leave or read reviews. Parents should cross check with the Better Business Bureau, and the ACA, which accredits camps too. We had a horrible experience with the 4-H Camp Marshall in Spencer MA summer 2008. They advertised 1 hour in the saddle horseback riding lessons, and we paid extra for overnight and horse camp. My daughter got 4 days only, of (2) 30 minutes and (2)15 minute lessons, and 2-3 hours of barn chores. we were seriously mislead and the program did nothing about it, nor were responsive to our concerns. Parents need to know some of the websites that amass information may not have the whole story!
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