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San Francisco is a beautiful city nestled in California, with fairly pleasant weather all around the year. It is by far one of the wealthiest cities in all of the USA. The Bay Area in San Francisco is considerably even richer compared to the rest of the city due to the significant number of tech companies that have grown up their industries in the area. San Francisco is a city that has a little bit of everything in it. As you let the beauty of San Francisco take you in, why don’t you go ahead and play at the popular EscapeSF escape room in here? It is by far one of the most popular escape game locations in the city and is worth a visit! So, dig in! In this article, we shall talk in detail about this escape room in San Francisco to make things easier for you when you visit it.


Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Price: $39 per person

No. of players: 10 - 26

Features: · In this escape room in San Francisco, players can choose from an array of two in-person games and one remote escape room game to play with their team members. One of the escape games under the premises is temporarily closed.

· Participants should be at least eight years old to be eligible to take part in the escape rooms available here. If players below eighteen years wish to participate in the escape games available here, they must be accompanied by an adult inside the gaming premises.

· Ample space is available inside the gaming premises of EscapeSF to park in your cars safely. So, players now no longer need to worry about parking space.

· Currently, the facility only offers private escape rooms for players to play. · Players should arrive at least fifteen before the game starts so that they have enough time for the briefing process.

· The facility has no refund/cancellation process. Hence, all those players who fail to turn up for their scheduled game or arrive late for the same will not receive any form of refund from the gaming authorities.

· At this escape room in San Francisco, each escape room is adequately disinfected after the completion of every game.

· Hand sanitizers are available inside the gaming premises. Players can ask for it from the staff members.

· Social distancing norms and regulations are strictly maintained inside the gaming premises of this escape room in San Francisco to look into the safety and welfare of both the players and the staff members.

Open hours:

i. Monday to Thursday – 12:00 pm to 10:30 pm

ii. Friday to Sunday – 10:45 am to 10:30 pm

Games available:

i. Escape from Blind Tiger

a. Theme: Suspense

b. Price: $44 per person

c. Eligibility: 14 years

d. Best played with 2 to 6 team members

ii. Escape from Alcatraz

a. Theme: Suspense

b. Price: $44 per person

c. Eligibility: 12 years

d. Best played with 2 to 6 team members

iii. Space Bus (Temporarily Closed)

a. Theme: Suspense

b. Price: $38 per person

c. Eligibility: 10 years

d. Best played with 4 to 8 team members

iv. The Pegasus Project (Remote Escape Room)

a. Theme: Crime fiction

b. Price: $39 per group

c. Eligibility: 18 years

Enjoy your time playing at the amazing EscapeSF escape games in San Francisco, and spend a day filled with fun and frolic!

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