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Amazing Facial Experience

I just had a "signature facial" at Escapes Salon in Billerica, and I am blown away at how amazing it was. I don't know why they call it a facial-it is really a spa experience. You start by changing into a fluffy white robe, and enjoying a warm foot bath and foot and leg massage. Then, you have a "sensory journey" of scents. You choose 2 scents to be used during your treatment. Then, you go lie on a bed of clouds, and during your facial you also get a shoulder and neck massage, arm and hand massage and foot and leg massage. The facial itself is wonderful as well. I just can't believe how terrific it was. I love to get massages, but I might switch over to facials from now on.

Sorry Ellen and Marisa had bad experiences. I wasn't left alone for even a minute. My person was attentive and wonderful.
Ellen V.
I also was not thrilled by the facial. I was left alone in the room for more than 50% of the time. I can lay on my bed at home for free.
Jen C.
I agree that escape salon facials are great- I have also done the massage- but after I leave the facials there I feel way more relaxed!
I didn't have the same experience. I wasn't thrilled with this salon--the spa part anyway. I also had a facial, and left with a pound of grease on my was just a grade below OK.
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