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Amusement Park Safety: Keeping Your Kids Safe

If your summer plans include going to amusement parks or other places where there are lots of people and kids can easily get lost, you might want to spend some time thinking about amusement park safety when it comes to your child.

There's nothing worse than to be in a crowded location only to turn around and realize that you child is gone. For many children, it's extremely traumatizing as well.  I have a daughter who screams bloody murder as soon as she realizes that she can't see me - which make it easy to find her, but also makes me realize that it's very scary for her to not know where I am.  

Anyway, one way to feel a little bit better about child safety when you are out in public is to use a child ID bracelet, or to ID your child in some other way.  

Here are some tips to help you:

1. Write your cell phone numer someplace on your child's body that is not visible - such as under their sleeve, or right above the waistline of their pants. Tell them to show the number to someone if they are lost.  

2. Create an ID badge on an index card. Write LOST in very large letters. Then write your name and cell phone number in small letters so people can't read it unless they look closely.  Laminate it and turn it into a necklace that your child can wear when you are at an amusement park or other crowded location. 

3. You can use the same concept and attach it to your child's shoe, as long as they are wearing shoes with laces. You'll need to make it small and your child should know to show it to someone if they are lost. 

4. When you arrive at an amusement park, introduce your child to an employee. Show them what employees look like and point out their name tag. Tell your child to look for someone dressed like them with a name tag if they are lost. 

5. Never write your child's name on any ID card that you make. You don't want someone to be able to talk to your child by name as they can take advantage of the situation. 

6. Use one of those rubber bracelets that were so popular a few years ago. Get a bright color. Write LOST in large letters on the front of the bracelet. Write your phone number on the inside of the bracelet. Use a permanent marker. 

7. There are companies that sell tattooes that you can apply to your child that have your contact information on them.  

8. Before you arrive at an amusement park, go over safety rules with your child. 

If you create a way for people to contact you, you'll feel better about being reunited with your child quickly if you are separated. Just be sure not to write any of your personal information large enough that people can see it, unless they are looking closely. 

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