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An Affordable Family Vacation

    Hershey Pennsylvania is known for being the sweetest place on earth.  Home to the American chocolate bar, this town has everything, a chocolate factory, kisses street lamps, a world-class amusement and much more.
    Here are some other tips so you get the most for your money:
-    At Giant Food Stores (a major sponsor, many located in the Hershey area), an adult ticket cost $37.  This gets you a day and a half in the park.  Disney would cost you around $75 for a day.  
-    Hershey gives free ice water.  Bottles are $3 each and in the summer heat that can add up quickly.  At any snack stand which has a soda fountain you can ask for a cup of ice water.
-    Bring a bathing suit and towel and get a locker as soon as you arrive.  Hershey recently built a new section called The Boardwalk; this is an entire water themed area that you won’t want to miss.  However, the lockers sell out quickly and the bathing suits will cost you $30 each so bring a bag and get a locker.  It will be worth it.  They event provide full locker rooms with showers.
-    Don’t miss chocolate world!  Ride the factory tour, which is family friendly, and your get free candy at the end!
-    Hershey has 2 of their own resorts however, are a little more on the expensive side.  Many of the hotels in the Hershey area are going to be more expensive also.  Look into hotels in Harrisburg it is a little bit more of a drive but the prices are going to be much lower.

Heading to Hershey again for a weekend trip with the family. We've been twice with our twins who are now 8. Love the park. The water park area is OK, not great, because for the younger kids you have to wait in line just to get into the wading pool/splash pad area and then they time you and blow a horn after only like 15 minutes and you have to get out so the next group can go in. Very dissapointed with that 3 yrs ago - hopefully they've changed it. The town of Hershey has nothing really other than the park, a garden (haven't been), and a concert/stadium place. The smaller hotels/motels are pretty bad for the price. We're staying at the Hershey Lodge this time since it's just for a night.
Mary R.
We have been to Hershey several times. The kids love the park and learning about how their favorite candy is made. While there, we also spend time exploring Lancaster county, known for the Amish. There is great shopping in these areas, along with some wonderful resturants. A trip our family enjoyed. Mary Rabbi
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