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Angry Birds Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Angry Birds is a puzzle game. It’s the most popular application in the Apple App Store for the Iphone right now. I’ve seen claims on that this game has been downloaded 100 Million times. Using a slingshot you shoot birds at pigs. You’re mission, should you choose to accept it, is to shoot all the pigs, destroy pig owned structures and many more missions. Different birds have super abilities too. There’s always add-ons developing a long, varied and fun game experience.  Plus it gets out stress! That’s why I think the game’s so popular.

When you have three kids, just itching to shoot, break or destroy something, and only one Itouch. We’ll lets just say the battles are spectacular. Enter the Angry Birds stuffed animals . These are soft fluffy toys depicting the known and loved characters from the game. You have Helmet Pig, King Pig, Grampa pig and Piglet . On the flip side, you have Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, White Bird and Black Bird. They have a version that makes their trademark sounds when squeezed too. An adorable, huggable toy for kids aged one and up, according to the manufacturer…

…or a diabolical target for 7 -9 year olds with nerf guns. These guys line them up like targets and shoot the nerf bullets at them, like in the game. They play against each other, as teams and individual…and have a blast. So…Nobody gets hurt, they get to shoot stuff and not break anything.

If you have an Angry Fan fan  in the house this makes a great gift.  The Angry birds stuffed animals are available at Walmart, Target and online at   for about $10. 

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