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Another way to organize First Aid Items

Another way to use those clear plastic shoeboxes is to use them for first aid items.  I always had a ton of band-aids, Bactine, anti-itch creams, nail clippers and other misc. first aid items that were loose and shoved into my medicine cabinet and every time I opened it up it they would fall out. So to organize everything better, I placed them in the clear, plastic shoe boxes and stored it in the bathroom cabinet under my sink.  It cleared up my medicine cabinet and it is also easy to grab what I need since the box is clear and I can see everything.  Plus if I am going outside with the kids, I can easily grab the entire box and leave it outside with me.


Dawn T.
I have also used the box from the wet swifter. It is not clear but does have a clear lid. It is small enough to put in a car or in a cabinet. Especially if you have lots of toddlers around, you need something quick.
Bonnie C.
I use my old caboodle as my first aid kit. For those who do not know what a caboodle is, it is a makeup box that was kind of built like a tackle box. They were very popular when I was younger. They came in bright colors. I use mine, as I said before, for my first aid kit. I don't have to worry about the box opening and all of the stuff falling out because the caboodle latches shut like a tackle box. I am not sure why they didn't take off.
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