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Anti-Princess Reading List from Mommy Track'd

Getting tired of Cinderella and Ariel getting swooped off their feet by a prince whom they have known for less than 10 minutes?  Check out the Anti-Princess Reading List from Mommy Track'd.  Each of the children's books features a strong, smart, spunky girl protagonist that wants to eat bugs, get first place in the science fair and grow up to be a teacher, a doctor, a firefighter or even a diva.  Well worth a look before your next trip to the Library or the bookstore.

Notable mentions include: Harriet the Spy, Judy Moody, Ivy & Bean, Ramona the Brave and Amber Brown. 

Tayne P.
OK- great list...going to check them out. Funny thing...the ad that pops up on this post is, get this....a Disney Princess 12 game link to play. Ha!
Wow robert p..... that doesn't sound very nice! let's judge each other on character & behavior--not on skin color ...what a better world we might live in...
Robert P.
This list will help keep kids away from any more BLACK PRINCES' that Disney may produce!!
Tia R.
Haha! Yes I hate the princess stories too! Also, what is it about those stories that something scary has to happen in them?!
Michele P.
Oh please...let it go
Ptrea S.
I like reading about strong character but I think we as women should appreciate our soft feminine side too and teach our daughters what a gift it is to be feminine. There are enough rough and tough females out there but not enough women and girls.
Thanks for this..because really many times can these princesses be rescued!
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