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Apple Slices

Does your kids like apples in their lunch but wants them sliced up- well as you know apples turn brown in a matter of minutes so its not so easy to get your kids to eat the apples with brown on them- so here is an idea that may work as good for you as it does for me. 

I cut my apple slices up place them in a plastic bag and then sprinkle alittle cinnamon on them - I tell my kids they are cinnamon apples- they may brown before the kids eat them but they think its the cinnamon that is on them.

Joy T.
My kids hate the taste of lemon on apple slices so I use orange juice and water, let slices sit for a few minutes and then pat dry. They don't brown at all and there is no taste other than the apple!
Andrea M.
Thanks- I have used these tips before but I just like the cinnamon because it didn't give it the lemon taste but gave it the tasty cinnamon taste - also have used the bag apples but have gotten batches that have a aweful taste to them- so just wanted to put another alternative out there
Put a damp paper towel around the apple slices, it keeps them from turning brown, no cinnamon needed.
Deb G.
Add fresh lemon juice to sliced apples, then put in ziploc to prevent browning !! it works, also, a little cold pack from freezer in lunches, keeps everything cool and fresh till lunchtime!!
Christine B.
I buy pre-sliced apples now, for about the same price as whole apples. They stay fresh (& fresh looking) for 10-14 days. We eat a lot more apples now because even our younger kids can grab their own right out of the fridge--no cutting required!
Tasha K.
I like that. I'll try it and let you know how it works.
Tracey M.
Orange juice just the same
Suz P.
Lemon juice usually keeps them from turning brown - and also tends to keep them crisp too.
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