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Aquafresh Toothpaste Dispenser - Great for Kids...

I got tired of having to clean up the disgusting toothpaste tube in my kids bathroom.  Inevitably, one or both of them would squeeze it too hard and it would get all over the counter and then it was hard to put the cap back on.

Then my husband found that Aquafresh sells a toothpaste dispenser (in both Kids Bubblemint Flavor and the Regular triple mint flavor).  I must say it has really made the whole teeth brushing ritual much easier!  The top of the dispenser is easy to use and it really stops the mess from the tube.

I also like that the design (which is see thru) really allows you to use ALL of the toothpaste very easily.

We foud ours at Target in the original flavor and both kids (7 & 5) really like it.

Plus, I no longer have to clean up gobs of toothpaste!  Yippee!

Denise E.
Does it stop them fron rinsing off the toothpaste into the sink before they ever put it into their mouth. Or spiting a big wad of toothpaste into the sink, or wiping their mouths full of toothpaste onto a nice clean towel?
We use this, and I really like it! Good flavor for the kids, too.
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