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Are Kids Pressured to Be Smarter Sooner?

Are kids being pushed too early to be smart? This is a great article that I came across on MSN. The article talks about how kids today are pushed to attend school at an early age. For example a lof of young kids attend preschools and full time kindergartens. Be sure to read the article and see what you think.

Breeze P.
Breeze patel
The article promotes the divide between SAH and working parents by implying that the advantages of full-day early education are short-lived or illusory. A closer reading reveals the important takeaway, which is that the amount of time kids spend at school is less important than the quality of the time they spend at home...parents who cannot be SAH should not feel slighted by the superficial 'revelations' of the study, but inspired to make the most of the time they do have to spend with their kids. One big advantage to a longer day for working parents is more consistent quality of care and fewer transitions to manage for parent and child.
This article was very interesting. The state that I live in is pushing forward state paid preschool options for the youngesters and full-day kindergarten in the next 5 years - I'm not so sure I can get my head around that...but I know all my WAHM and working moms outside the home are thrilled with the potential that it will be free sometime soon.
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