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We recently decided to give martial arts classes a try to encourage the kids to improve some traits like self esteem and self control. We also liked the thought of having the kids learn some self defence techniques and improve their physical fitness. Classes are often a hundred dollars a month or more and we weren't sure if they would be the right fit. When we asked around, we discovered that one of the local studios offers two free one on one sessions with an instructor before having children enroll in their program.

After taking two classes, we were able to discover that Karate was something one child wanted to pursue and that the instructor, the schedule and the children in that age group were all a good fit. (After the one on one session, the students came in for the regularly scheduled class and we were able to meet them and their parents.) It was great to be able to make the down payment and the commitment to take classes at that dojo with no worries about chosing the wrong place or picking an activity the kids didn't really know enough about before we started. 

If the instructor and dojo would have been a bad fit for us but we liked the activity, we would have looked for another dojo that offered at least one free lesson to see if we could find a better fit, but we were lucky the first time.

Since this is the fourth activity the kids have been interested, I knew up front that we wanted a trial lesson. We've discovered that one child didn't like a certain activity after all and that another child didn't mesh with an instrucor the hard way and I did not want to waste another dollar on class fees and uniforms until we knew we had the right fit!

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