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Astronaut Journals

 Did you know that space smells like burnt almond cookies? 

This is one of the observations from an astonaut in their Astomaut Journals!

Wow...this site is super cool.  Have you ever wondered what it's like to be up in space with the astronauts?  Now you can! The link I've posted will direct you to the private journals of astronauts as they document their amazing journeys to space.  These folks are heros in my book!

Linda L.
I entered journals in the search on the NASA page and clicked on 'astronaut journals'. It took me here: You'll have to copy and paste it in the browser. Pick your astronaut, there are lots!
Bonnie C.
This page apparently appears to be no longer available. Bummer. This would be a really wonderful opportunity for children. I wonder if they have a email link for kids? I wonder if there is a site for children to write to retired astronauts, war veterans, police officers, firefighters, etc. These people are heroes in my book.
Hi momto7kids...the link is working for me on 11/2/08. Hope you can click it - it's really cool!
DId I do something wrong? I hit the link and it said page not found.
This is too cool! My kids aren't so much into astronauts, but I wish they were!
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