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At Home Spa - Great for Mom's and Daughters

I have two daugthers, 7 and 4 years old, and their favorite thing to do with me is to have an at home spa.  They love all the pampering and it's a great way for us to enjoy an evening, and for me to teach them a thing or two about personal hygeine. 

A spa night is easy to have and a fun way for you to spend time with your daughters, whether they are 3 or 13.  Here's how to plan your own at home spa:

Items Needed: 

Lotion, Foot scrub, eye patches, bath salts, foot lotion, nail polish, foot tubs ( for soaking feet), hand lotion, hand scrubs, body scrubs, warm washcloths, facial masques, candles, calming music, snacks

Please note, that you can use some of all of these items - just use what you have.  

Start by getting all of your spa items out. Fill your foot tubs with warm water and some nice smelling soap or bath salts.  Get the rest of your at home spa items ready.  Light your candles and turn on the music. Get your feet situated in your foot tub and put on eye patches or cucumbers.  Relax, gossip, and have a good time!  When you are done relaxing your feet, you can use foot scrub and lotion to get them nice and clean and smelling pretty.  Wash your faces, use body lotion, and paint your nails.  Let your daughters paint your nails too.  

You daughters will love an at home spa and it's a great way to get tweens and teens to spend time with you and maybe even talk a little about their lives.  Spa night is also a fun idea for a sleepover. 

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