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There's been a lot of discussion lately about the possible link between vaccinations and rising autism diagnoses. If you're like me, you've probably been thinking more about this issue than you ever would have imagined!

What's the bigger risk, skipping vaccinations or hoping they don't cause autism? Is there really a link? And who do I believe most, Jenny McCarthy or the CDC? I found answers to a few of my questions and ideas for how to at least approach the issue in a level headed way in this post from one of my favorite mom blogs.

The person who posted is not a doctor, she's a mother of an autistic child finding ways to cope. But she seems to have done her research and can point you towards more established sources.

In addition, our friends at The Mom Kind have written up a great article on Autism symptoms in girls, which as the author learned, is decidedly harder to find than information for boys. Also surprising, was her finding out how often autism diagnosis in girls are overlooked and misdiagnosed.

Hope this helps!

As an Autism mom warrior as well I go back and forth on the vaccine issues and last week's news that the first one was falsfied doesn't help. I think as mom we need to be the best advocate for our children that have autism from speech therapy to ABA therapy to social skills.
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