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Automatic Pool Cleaners Save Your Back

Automatic pool cleaners by AquaVac Systems can save you a tremendous amount of time with the sheer drudgery of cleaning you swimming pool. Of all the swimmimg pool supplies out there, I find this one the most valuable and trouble-free. I currently own the TigerShark by AquaVac.

I just throw it in the pool, it sinks to the bottom and then goes through a auto-programming cycle where it calculates the size of the pool and then programs itself how to most efficiently clean the pool and what pattern to use.

The first time I used it, it kind of freaked me out. I was sitting on the edge of the pool and it starting climbing up the pool wall right beside me and actually cleaned up to the gutter. I thought that was absolutely amazing.

I find that this pool cleaner keeps about 90% of the dirt out of my pool, which is great. That is 90% that I don't have to clean. After it's finished with the cleaning cycle (about 5 hours for my pool), I just touch up the corners and small areas that it missed.

After a cleaning, it is a simple matter to snap two latches on the bottom of the unit, pull of he access panel and slide the filter out. I then take a garden hose and completely clean the filter until nothing but clean water flows out of the filter. A quick rinse out of the main unit and I slip in the filter and give it a toss in the pool for another round of cleaning. Pretty slick!

The Tigershark comes in 3 different configurations. The TigerShark Plus, TigerShark2 and the TigerShark QC which stands for quick clean. Sug. Retail Pricing: $1,099 to $2,799.00. Save your back too and have more free time available.

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