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Average people dieting

Give this diet method two weeks---You will see a difference--Hope you love it as much as me  (5 months-22 lbs lighter) Start weight 186, now 164!!

Morning- start out with a half a class of skim milk, your multi-vitamin (I prefer One A Day Energy) and  of course your daily coffee intake (can forget this) We all love coffee...  If you dont like coffee no problem replace it with tea, orange juice, or diet soda.

Mid-morning around 10:00- Have a banana, cup of oatmeal, or a breakfast bar (just one of these) and 16 oz of water.

Lunch (wait until 12:30-1:00)-  I have found a salad with grilled chicken is great (fat-free dressing) No low fat, No regular dressing.  Needs to be fat-free.  I cant focus on this enough!!Also I eat Jelly sandwiches (wheat bread better than white) but its o.k either or, wheat thins (only about  20),  or a hard boiled egg chopped up on bread with lettuce and tomato (no mayo)and either water 8 oz, skim milk 1/2 cup, or diet soda 12 oz)

Dinner - should be your lightest meal!! Anything you want but only use a small dinner plate. I recommend thin chicken grilled or baked, any amount of vegetables, and a cup of rice or potatoes. Instant potatoes are fine to make without butter (add salt and pepper to taste), baked potatoes are great (get molly mcbutter or fat free sour cream). Baked beans are great because the fiber content is high and it fills you up. Pasta with a little oil and romano cheese (small plate portion) add some mushrooms, onions or vegetables. Dont forget your water after dinner 16 oz or more up until 7:00 p.m.

After dinner -(very important) run/walk one mile everyday. This is not hard, and even good for the kids or animals (if you have either) to get into this routine. Increase as you get comfortable...  If you want to ADD some other excersise, I recommend 3 sets of 10 sit ups, 3 sets of 5 push ups, and squats are great for the butt and thighs. Increase as you get comfortable.

 I also do a Sat morning boot camp to set me off for the week, check with your town to see if they offer this type of program.  It's awesome.  Not scarry, it is at your own pace. It gives your great ideas for exercise during the week.

 And for our guilty pleasures a minature 3 musketeer bar with not hurt if your like me and need that sweetness in your life.

Always check with your healthcare professional before begining any exercise program.

Kathy M.
I agree with Sue, you realy need to eat to lose weight and keep it off. I would suggest skipping the diet soda for breakfast and make yourself an omlette with egg beaters, add turkey pepperoni,veggies and other low fat toppings and you will get protein and feel full longer. You can still have that banana mid morning too! We all look for the quick and easy way to lose but realy we just need to make better food choices, smaller portions and get some exercise(that's the dirty
Sue E.
This is a starvation diet. I'd bet you a million dollars that you weigh at least as much as your starting weight a year later, and quite likely, even more. Want to lose weight? The news is good! Excercise until you sweat 30 minutes 3-4 days a week. Eat 1500-1700 calories a day. You'll lose 1-2 pounds a week and keep it off.
Good dieting tips that sound easy to follow.
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