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Baby-carrying without back pain

When you plan to be out-and-about carrying babies and toddler, wear a belt bag (sometimes called a "fanny pack" on your side or front instead of carrying a purse. Not only do you eliminate the balance issues of keeping a purse strap on a shoulder, you can rest most of the child's weight on the bag, which shifts the child's weight from your shoulders onto your hips. You can sit the child's weight on the bag whether or not you are using a side or front baby carrier, or just carrying the child in your arms. The "belt bag", or "fanny pack" is a common item sold in most department stores. It is essentially a belt with a parachute clip fastener, and part of the belt is a pouch (usually worn on the front or side). It is a convenient hands-free carrier for small essentials. Just don't put in anything delicate (such as glasses not in a hard case) when you're going to rest the baby's bottom on it.

Barb F.
I use to do this when my daughter was a baby - mostly because I didnt have any hips to keep her from sliding down - LOL she is now almost 12 years worked pretty good and a lot cheaper than the carry more thing, its good for "traveling light" put a diaper, a small bottle of water, wet wipes in a baggy and maybe pre-measure formula for the bottle of water...
I edited to define the belt bag/fanny pack. They are available in Target, Kmart, army/navy and camping supply stores, and many other stores that carry casual purses.
Christine G.
Is there a link to this product? I would like to find out more. Thanks!
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