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Baby Gift Baskets - Make Or Buy, A Great Gift...

I'm a sucker for gift baskets - I love them.  No matter what the occasion, you can almost always expect that I'll show up with a git basket of some kind. Baby gift baskets are one of my favorites - I've bought them and I've made them and had fun either way. 

If you are buying a gift for an expectant mom or a new baby, consider getting a baby gift basket. If time is an issue or putting things together isn't your style, consider buying one. If you enjoy shopping for each perfect gift and then putting them all together - them making your own special basket might be the perfect option for you. 

When I make baby gift baskets, I like to base them all around one theme. For example, you can make a bathtime basket very easily.  Start with a  Baby Bathtub and then fill it with everything that the new mom will need to bathe her baby. You can add Hooded Baby Towels. Throw in some baby shampoo, soap, lotion, and powder, and add a nice sleeper for baby to wear after bath and you are ready to go.  

I always like to add something for the new mom. If my focus was bathtime, I'd add some nice body lotion or bath salts for mom too.  

Now all you've got to do is arrange it nicely, wrap it with cellophane and add a bow and you've got a great present. Creating baby gift baskets is a lot of fun and they are always the hit of any shower. 

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