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Baby Kimonos

A kimono (translates as clothing) originated from the Han people of the Chinese's clothing and adopted by the Japanese early on; however, the more modern shape of the kimono began around 794-1192. Kimono's are based on age, marital status, subtle social status, and level of formality for the occasion. Historically documented, the first baby kimono was presented as a gift in the late 1500's and can be found in the Mohri Museum in Japan.

A baby kimono today is very practical for newborns as they are very simple and versatile. For a newborn they are the more simple and versatile option of clothing as they may be worn by both boys and girls. As an infant it would be a better choice because they move a lot as they haven't learned to control their movements and with a kimono you won't have to worry about their fragile necks of having to pull the shirt over their heads. An even better aspect is that you may use a kimono as a shirt or a whole outfit and because typically, for an infant they are made to be longer than them, the excess cloth would be wrapped under their legs and tied behind them which calls for easier access for changing diapers. Generally, infants have sensitive skin and especially if their umbilical cords have not yet fallen off, the kimono would be a better choice as it will not irritate the unfallen umbilical cord.

When deciding what type of material to buy for a baby kimono (weather you're knitting a kimono or store bought) you should go for 100% organic cotton. However, depending on the age and formality of the occasion, the material would differ.

Depending on where you buy a baby kimono they usually go about $12.00 on up based on quality and designer. Several department stores carry baby kimono's and they can be largely found on the Internet.

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