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Back to School Books for Parents & Teachers

Do some summer reading of your own! Here are a few books that can help you be an active participant in your child's education. Search your local library catalog for them, or find them in at the bookstore for your own summer reading list.

The Mom Book Goes to School: Insider Tips to Ensure Your Child Thrives in Elementary and Middle School by Stacy DeBroff - Tips to help a child succeed at school without alienating teachers.

Parent Talk!: The Art of Effective Communication With the School and Your Child by Cheli Cerra and Ruth Jacoby - Easy-to-read book presents common parental issues with schools, with strategies for addressing them. Lots of charts and areas for notes.

Teacher Says: 30 Foolproof Ways to Help Kids Thrive in School by Evelyn Porreca Vuko - Advice by grade on how to help a child be a better student. Includes book lists for kids who don't like reading.

The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond by Donna Goldberg & Jennifer Zwiebel - See the Table of Contents here

Looking for more summer reading tips?   Try Summer Reading Starters, Amazon's Summer Reading Lists for Kids, Powell's Summer Reading Ideas for KidsBarnes & Nobles Summer Reading,  Pizza Hut's Reading Program, TDBanknorth's 10 books for 10 Bucks, and Booklist Bonanaza from BPL.

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